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Welcome to my Website


Welcome to John Ortt's Professional Website

Left & Right Brain working in harmony

Contrary to popular opinion Nerds are not assembled out of Binary code with an inbuilt creativity bypass,                                
            just as Scribblers really can dress themselves and count to more than ten.
                                I am the living proof!

In my role as a Data Analyst I am manipulating and refining data on a daily basis for my customers.  I am a strong believer that the data can always tell a story and a little creative flair can help the audience to understand the data more quickly and more comprehensively.  With this in mind I continue to try to develop both my analytical skills as well as my creativity and artistic cababilities.  Whether I am working on database design, infographics, reports, graphic design, User eXperience design or Photography I always try to apply my other skills to give a more complete result.  If you are looking for beautiful data you have come to the right place!

In this site you will find my blog and portfolio as well as my CV/Resume and any other pages that take my fancy.
On a personal note I am married with two wonderful young boys but I will keep my personal life to facebook.

All views expressed are my own and I welcome any feedback.

Thanks for coming by,


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